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Dr. Michael Gurian & The Gurian Institute

Dr. Gurian visited Calvin Christian School in November 2019. He shared how a child’s learning mind grows, how girls and boys learn and grow differently, how acculturation influences boys and girls, and how crucial school success has become to life success.  If you'd like to learn more about his books, please visit or



Representatives from Axis visited Calvin Christian School in the fall of 2018. The speakers shared with local Christian leaders from schools and churches about the importance of discipleship in the lives of young people. They reviewed at how pop culture, media, and society are subversively influencing younger generations toward unbiblical and destructive views of these topics. We will also discuss what Jesus has to say about each of these controversial topics, as well as how to move discipleship away from the control of media and back to the family and church. 

Students also heard a presentation on the effects of technology on our faith and relationships. Through this presentation we are encouraged to ponder tough questions surrounding our social media habits: “Is social 
media making me more or less human?” “Is the virtual me the real me?” And “How is social media impacting my relationships?

Want to learn more? Check out Axis today!