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Crusader Athletics

"Calvin Christian School embraces athletics because it presents irreplaceable opportunities to learn life lessons that transcend the individual sports.  In addition to the sport's skills, students learn about discipline, teamwork, communication, perseverance, and respect, all of which are essential to a lifelong walk as disciples of Jesus Christ." - Bill Stout, Athletic Director  


Here at Calvin, both in Junior High School and High School, competitive athletics is a critical tool for developing the discipline, character, communication, and sportsmanship skills that are consistent with a Christian worldview. While these skills are developed in the athletic realm, they also transcend the realm of sports and help equip Christian young people to be leaders and community members beyond Calvin Christian School.

Within our athletic program, we strive for excellence because God calls us to do our very best to bring Him glory and honor. This applies to our competitive athletic performance, but that does not supersede the call to excel in the areas of sportsmanship and character as well.