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Calvin Christian School provides a strong academic program designed to meet the needs of all learners. Having a comprehensive Pre-K-12 program allows us to develop and offer a streamlined curricular structure that provides continuity and growth throughout your child's learning years.  In keeping with our mission, the curriculum prepares students for active participation in their community both now and in the future.  

Our faith is at the core of our instruction and plays an active, foundational role in each subject that is taught.  This integration of faith and learning equips students with the knowledge to truly live a life of Christian service and make an impact in the world around them. 

In addition, arts are an essential part of the curriculum. Calvin recognizes the place of the arts in the development of the whole child as a Biblical mandate.  God is the Creator. We are his image bearers called to reflect his beauty, grace and love. Through Performing and Visual Arts, Calvin is committed to fully developing the creative gifts of God's children in order to glorify him through unique avenues of self-expression and praise which affirm and celebrate each child.

Common Core State Standards
We have received some inquiries about the new Common Core State Standards. There is much interest about these standards and how they affect the curriculum at Calvin Christian School.  To help our parents and prospective parents better understand our position, we have released the following statement here.