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101 Ways to Volunteer

101 Ways to Volunteer at Calvin Christian School, Both Big and Small

1.    Bring cookies to New Parent Orientation
2.    Work a shift at the Pancake Breakfast (Labor Day)
3.    Help set up the gym for the Pancake Breakfast (Saturday)
4.    Help set up the gym for the Dutch Festival
5.    Help set up and decorate for the Christmas concert 
6.    Sell tickets at a football game
7.    Be a chairperson for the Pancake Breakfast
8.    Stay after and clean up the Pancake Breakfast (Labor Day)
9.    Bring some snacks for the first day of school- ask a Service Group Coordinator!
10.    Sell some spirit-wear at a football game
11.    Bake cookies for the Back to School night- three dozen = one service hour
12.    Lunch duty for the Elementary, Junior High or High School lunch hour. 
13.    Help with the Yankee Candle fundraiser - all at home, on your schedule!
14.    Bring food to a Service Group meeting
15.    Work a shift in the snack bar at a football game
16.    Help with the Crusader Classic Golf Tournament
17.    Be part of the “chain-gang” at a football game
18.    Solicit donations for the Crusader Classic Golf Tournament
19.    Help chair a cookie dough fundraiser - from home!
20.    Make dinner for the football team
21.    Help organize books for Used Book Fair
22.    Take pictures for the yearbook and turn them in (they can all be of your child!)
23.    Work a shift during the Used Book Fair
24.    Clean up after the Used Book Fair
25.    Volunteer to serve food at New Parent Orientation
26.    Bake some treats for the bake sale at the Christmas concert
27.    Sell some treats before the Christmas concert
28.    Bake Cookies for a concert, a bake sale, etc. (3 dozen = one hour)
29.    Bake cookies for Grandparents’ Day
30.    Help serve coffee at Grandparents’ Day
31.    Chaperone a field trip!
32.    Help serve lunch at Grandparents’ Day
33.    Get involved with Staff Appreciation Week
34.    Prepare a devotion for a CCS Service Group meeting
35.    Get involved with Teacher Appreciation Week - help serve breakfast to the teachers
36.    Bake cookies for the State of the School or Society meetings in the spring
37.    Help Pete VanderWoude tear something down on a Saturday
38.    Help Pete VanderWoude build something on a Saturday
39.    Solicit donations for the Dutch Festival auction
40.    Work a shift in the Half-Note Cafe during a choir or band concert
41.    Work a shift in the game booth at the Dutch Festival
42.    Set up tables at the Spring Gala
43.    Sell some hot dogs and brats during the outdoor concert in the spring
44.    Solicit donations for the Spring Gala auction
45.    Clean up after the Spring Gala
46.    Work a shift at a track meet
47.    Help organize graduation
48.    Set up for a graduation
49.    Clean up after a graduation
50.    Work a snack bar shift at a basketball game
51.    Sell tickets at a basketball game
52.    Keep stats at a basketball game
53.    Make props for Elementary Spring Concert
54.    Clean and sanitize toys and furniture at the preschool
55.    Do an assembly (about your job or hobby) for the preschoolers
56.    Organize bookshelves, closets and cupboards at the preschool
57.    Make homemade playdough, goop, gak, or colored pasta for sensory at the preschool
58.    Donate craft kits/supplies to the aftercare program
59.    Donate sports equipment to the aftercare program
60.    Be a substitute teacher (for a couple of hours) at the preschool 
61.    Do an assembly about your job or hobby for the aftercare program
62.    Help preschool teachers take down and put up bulletin boards during the summer 
63.    Bake cookies for preschool Christmas parties (three dozen = one service hour)
64.    Help transport baseball players to baseball games
65.    Help clean up the baseball field area at the baseball pre-season work day
66.    Be the official scorekeeper at a baseball game
67.    Run the scoreboard at a baseball game
68.    Work at a baseball snack bar
69.    Be the baseball team parent
70.    Help organize JSB
71.    Chaperone at JSB
72.    Transport girls to volleyball matches
73.    Keep stats at volleyball matches
74.    Transport high school students to service day
75.    Monitor high school students at service day
76.    Serve on a committee
77.    Set up or tear down for a school play or musical
78.    Make costumes for a school play or musical
79.    Work at a school play or musical
80.    Apply makeup to actors at a school play or musical
81.    Build/paint sets for a school play or musical
82.    Help collate and staple Monday Bulletins
83.    Help write ribbons for the JH track meet
84.    Help write ribbons after the Regional Fine Arts Festival
85.    Be a door monitor at the Regional Fine Arts Festival
86.    Help stuff and label envelopes for the Crusader
87.    Help set up for the Junior High Track & Field Day
88.    Help stuff and label envelopes for the Annual Drive
89.    Sell spirit wear at Grandparents’ Day
90.    Sell spirit wear at the Pancake Breakfast
91.    Coach/teach/assist students with vocals for Fine Arts Festival
92.    Coach/teach/assist students with instrumentals for Fine Arts Festival
93.    Setup library for Artwork at school Fine Arts Festival
94.    Help judge Artwork at school Fine Arts Festival
95.    Help math teachers with Pi Day
96.    Be a leader for JH small groups
97.    Help decorate for Christmas bake sale
98.    Help put band room decorations away after Christmas concert
99.    Help package & label baked goods for the Christmas bake sale
100.    Help score events at the JH Track Meet
101.    Help set up the Junior High Cross Country Meet