Parent Central

Parents are the lifeblood of Calvin Christian School and we at Calvin are committed to clear communication with our parents.  The Parent Central page is intended to be a one-stop-shop for our parents. 

Monday Bulletin

Each Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) your student is sent home with a copy of the Monday Bulletin. A Monday email will also go out with the bulletin attached. Included in the Monday Bulletin will be a listing of all of the activities, sporting events, and meetings for the week. It will also notify our families of any special needs within the school community. You can also see the latest flyers sent home with the Monday Bulletin, they will be listed below the Monday Bulletin link.

JH Monday Monitor

The Junior High Monday Monitor is printed weekly and handed out to our Junior High students to keep them current on special assignments, quizzes and tests in the upcoming week.  It also has a section, looking ahead, which may include assignments in the near future.  The monitor will be posted on Monday each week unless we have a Monday holiday.  If so, we will then post it on Tuesday.   

Service Learning Requirement

We require all JH and HS students to show through written communication their understanding, growth, and involvement in serving others. Please visit the Service Learning page to read through the documents that describe the program and its implementation. 

College & Career

Keep yourself up to date on what your high school student should be doing to prepare for college. Our College & Career Counselor, Brian Duyst, has provided our families with great information to stay current. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The purpose of this section of the website is to assist parents in serving and being served through the Calvin Christian community.  Here you'll find information about the various support groups at Calvin, volunteer opportunities, events for parents and ways to support Calvin financially.  See our volunteer page for all the details.

In order to ensure that the needs of Calvin Christian School are met each year, we have implemented a Parental Service Requirement policy.  Each Calvin Christian family is required to perform 10 hours of service to the school each year.