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Ron Van Der Pol

Ron Van Der Pol
Ron Van Der Pol
Art, History, Geography
Groups: Junior High,High School

What Class(es) Do You Teach?
High School Art & Graphic Design
High School World History
Junior High Art & History 

College/Degree Information
B.A. History and K-12 Art Education - Central Washington University, 1994

M. Ed  with emphasis in Curriculum and Development - Dordt College, 2006

Share A Few Things About Yourself
I grew up in Sunnyside, Washington. I taught previously at Hanford Christian School in Hanford, CA from 1994-1998, and at Sheboygan County Christian School from 1998-2016. I have coached various sports at both the junior high and high school level. Over the last 15 years, I have painted 10 murals, some as large as 45 feet long. I also enjoy taking my sketchbook to church and illustrating the sermons that I hear. Since 1998, I have drawn over 1000 sermon illustrations. Besides creating art, in my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors, listening to music, and being with my family.

I love bringing in the visual arts and a biblical view into all areas of my teaching.

What Is Your Favorite Scripture?
Psalm 121:1-2

How Do You Connect Faith & Learning In Your Classroom?
An integration of faith and learning begins with an understanding that God is sovereign and that his word is infallible truth. Whether in the art studio or in the social studies classroom, the educator should promote scriptural truths, the work and importance of the Holy Spirit in the in the educational process, and the exciting calling that God has for the learner. By teaching these fundamentals to students, the classroom atmosphere will be more conducive to productive learning and response by students, and should do so in a manner that is real and practical for students’ lives.

For more on how I integrate faith and learning in the art classroom, go to: