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Rod Koelewyn

Rod Koelewyn
Rod Koelewyn
4th Grade Teacher
Groups: Elementary


What Grade Do You Teach?
4th Grade

College/Degree Information
Calvin College - Elementary Education

Share A Few Things About Yourself
I was born and raised in Hanford, California. Most of my family still lives in the San Joaquin Valley so I frequently visit there. I've been at Calvin Christian since 1977. I'm a member of Crossroads Christian Reformed Church in San Marcos where I've served as elder, Life Group leader, and worked with our computer/media team. My greatest blessings as a teacher at Calvin Christian have been that I have had the privilege through the years of working with wonderful Christian colleagues and knowing that so many parents have entrusted the education of their children to me. This is both a blessing and an awesome responsibility for which I am thankful. The fact that almost every year I have the children of former students in my class just increases the blessings I've enjoyed as a teacher at Calvin Christian.

What Is Your Favorite Scripture?
Ephesians 2: 8-10 

How Do You Connect Faith & Learning In Your Classroom?
All learning is faith learning. What goes on in the classroom should be a continual testimony to the fact that all creation and any gifts we bring to the study of that creation are from God and are to be used to his glory and to carry out his redemptive work in this world. Whether it be in the more formal study of how God through his Son has worked in the history of his people as is revealed in Scripture, in the more abstract study of God's ordered creation as seen in math, in the reading of a good story that might stimulate our imaginations, or in developing the writing skills we need to communicate well, all learning begins with the understanding that this is God's world, and we use the intellectual gifts he is growing in us to learn more about him and how we can use them to his glory. I want my students to understand that even now as young children they have a role in Christ's kingdom, and that as they grow physically, intellectually, and spiritually, they are preparing to to take their place as children of grace to "do the good works that God is even now preparing for them to do." Ephesians 2:10