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Jeffery Pratt, Ph.D.

Jeffery Pratt, Ph.D.
Jeffery Pratt, Ph.D.
Superintendent/Elementary Principal
Phone: 760-489-6430
Groups: Elementary,Administration

College/Degree Information
B.A. in Economics
M.A. in Educational Psychology
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Teaching credentials: Elementary and Single Subject Social Science
Biblical Studies Certificate Coursework (1 yr full time)

Share A Few Things About Yourself
I am married to my best friend (Sonja), and we have raised two children.  Our oldest child is our daughter Madelina who recently graduated college (engineering) and was married in July 2018. Our son Nathaniel will be a junior in college in the 2018-19 school year is majoring in business.  One highlight as a family was living in Santiago, Chile for two years where my wife and I were teachers at the International School of Nido de Aguilas and our children attended there as well.  
My wife and I love to SUP Surf in Carlsbad every chance we can get. I love to read (especially Scripture), and I participate in two book clubs. My absolute favorite hobby or pastime is to play my guitar;  I try to play a little bit every single day because it just adds life, peace, goodness and beauty into my soul! Ephesian 5:18-19

Favorite Scripture
All of Scripture is SO impactful -- but all of Chapter 8 of Romans is likely my favorite overall “passage” of Scripture (if I had to choose).  The Gospel is presented in an extraordinary way in these 39 verses, and near the end of the chapter we are reminded several times of a crucial reformed theological truth -- that there is nothing that can separate those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1) from the Love of God!

How Do You Connect Faith & Learning
True faith in the One True TriUne God of the Universe (which comes through Jesus and is a gift from God the Father so no one can boast who is blessed with it - Eph 2) is integral to, and a priori, the proper and orthodox enjoyment of any good, true & beautiful gift which comes from God our Father.  Learning, and all the multitude of things that learning means, has everything to do with those gifts.  

“..without faith, it is impossible to please God...” Heb 11:6

God-given faith has a lot to do with being able to claim daily by how I live that God alone is God and worthy of my praise and Sovereign over All; and that I (and everyone else in the world) are part of His image bearing creation and not God.   Learning which is utterly disconnected from true faith ultimately results in a person claiming he/she is actually the god of him/herself, with no need to “fear” the One True TriUne God. It is creation giving itself the sovereign status of “creator” and the Bible calls this foolishness, and the opposite path of wisdom.  It leads to despair, hopelessness and separation from the One who is True Love. Hence, this is why Paul says “Now faith, hope, love abide, these three…” (1 Cor 13:13).