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Jonathan Beutlich

Jonathan Beutlich
Jonathan Beutlich
Science, Media and Computer Teacher
Groups: Junior High,High School

What Class(es) Do You Teach?
Junior High Science
High School Earth Science
Creative Writing
Digital Literacy 

College/Degree Information
Undergraduate degree: Calvin College; English major, biology minor, emphasis on secondary education; Teaching Credential
Masters degree: Dordt College; degree in education with an emphasis on curriculum

Share A Few Things About Yourself
I graduated from Calvin Christian School in 1999 and grew up in Escondido. I am the CCHS Cross Country coach, a former collegiate soccer player, and a former California Olympic Development soccer team member. I'm married to Nichole and we have three children that all are enrolled at Calvin. I enjoy off-roading in the desert. 

I love teaching science because it's the study of God's creation and awesome power over it.

What Is Your Favorite Scripture?
Genesis 1

How Do You Connect Faith & Learning In Your Classroom?
God's creation is His general revelation. By studying God's creation, its rules, and its mechanics we can learn more about the love and care that God put into His creation. Additionally, by learning more about how this world works, we are better equipped to become Christian stewards of our world.