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Danae Lapka

Danae Lapka
Danae Lapka
Junior High Teacher
Groups: Junior High


What Class(es) Do You Teach?
6th Grade Math, Bible & Literature
7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
7th Grade Bible

College/Degree Information
B.A. in English from Dordt College

Share A Few Things About Yourself
My husband Paul also teaches at CCS. We have two sons who attend Calvin Christian Elementary. Things that I love to do include reading (almost anything), watching movies, spending time with family, playing games, and playing and singing on our church's praise team.

What Is Your Favorite Scripture?
Psalm 121

How Do You Connect Faith & Learning In Your Classroom?
Our God is one of order and faithfulness which is shown in our study of grammar and math. I want my students to see that on a daily basis and also want them to be in awe that the God of the universe revealed himself to us through his Word and gave us the gift of language which allows us to communicate with him and others. It is my hope that my students not only learn the subject matter but also grow in their relationships with Christ on a daily basis and see their place in God's story of salvation and grace.