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Affording Calvin

2017/2018 TUITION









Elective/Additional Fees:
Chromebook (6th-12th grade): $150.00 per year
Sports (High School): $175.00 per year/all sports
PE Lock (one time fee for incoming 6th-12th grade): $5.00
PE Uniform: $15.00 per set
Milk: $35.00 per year
Graduation (12th grade): $40.00

Calvin Christian School Tuition Policy
    - Payments can be made on a 10 or 11-month basis or paid quarterly, by semester, or for the entire year. 
    - Monthly payments must be paid by the 1st of each month and are past due after the 10th of the month. 
    - A student in attendance for any part of a quarter must pay for the entire quarter. 
    - All accounts must be paid in full in order to enroll students.

Calvin Christian School has contracted with Smart Tuition, a provider of tuition management services for schools. Smart Tuition provides parents with online account access, tuition and fees invoicing, payment processing, and 24 hour customer service. 


Calvin Christian’s Legacy Fund seeks to help families that cannot pay the full cost of education.  The only consideration for financial assistance is the financial need of the family. Calvin Christian School uses FACTS Tuition Aid Services to collect all necessary family data, analyze it, and provide the information to the school via a secure web-based interface.
Approximately 30% of the student body receives tuition assistance based on family financial need. Calvin does not award athletic or academic scholarships. The School has a commitment to helping families afford a Calvin Christian education and this year approximately three hundred and thirty thousand dollars were awarded to new and returning families who qualified, based on a standardized process. Families interested in Financial Assistance need to apply to FACTS Tuition Aid Services.  However, the funds awarded come from Calvin and are based on demonstrated need.
Families must have completed the admissions process to be eligible to apply for financial assistance.  Returning families must submit their completed applications by May 1 for initial awards consideration. The application fee is $35 and is submitted with the application to FACTS Tuition Aid Services. 



Calvin Christian School and Smart Tuition have partnered to help our families with a convenient and easy way to pay tuition. Please visit the Smart Tuition website to set up your family tuition enrollment. 


Thank you! We recognize that a Calvin education is a significant investment. Each year, we award more than $250,000 in financial aid to nearly a third of our 370 students. We are committed to making a Calvin Christian education accessible and affordable for all qualified applicants.