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The Junior High is comprised of grades 6, 7 and 8.  Our curriculum consists of the usual core courses (English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities and Bible) as well as other enrichment and exploratory classes (Band, Choir, Art, Computers and Physical Education).  In addition to a very strong academic program, the junior high also offers students a wide range of athletic opportunities. Students in grades 7-8 can participate in flag football, volleyball, soccer and basketball; students in grades 6-8 can participate in cross-country and track.   Check out the JH athletics calendar for dates and times.  Junior High student life opportunities include Team 411, the junior high student leadership team, Life Skills classes, School life also includes regular chapel times and service opportunities.

The fine arts are highly valued at Calvin Christian, a reflection of the creative beauty of our God. In addition to choir, band, and musical theater, each spring students participate in the Fine Arts Festival. It is held in the early Spring and each student participates in one or more categories. This evening competition is the culmination of months of work by the students and teachers. Performance categories include creative writing, art, speeches, vocal solos and ensembles, and instrumental solos and ensembles. The top students in each category go on to perform in the regional competition in April.

Technology is integrated into all of our coursework here at Calvin.  Through 1 to 1 computing with Chromebooks for each student in grades 6-12, we are preparing children for the 21st century.  

Service-Learning Requirement for Junior High Students
We require all junior high school students to show through written communication their understanding, growth, and involvement in serving others. We have established our biblical rationale, program parameters, guidelines, process, and assessment for implementing service-learning into each grade level. See the heading it will link to the parent's page.  Read through the documents that describe the program and its implementation. They explain the details of what students must accomplish, how they can fulfill the requirements, and how they will be evaluated.  

Calvin Christian partners with parents in the education of students.  Communication with the home is regular and convenient. In addition to contacting teachers via the typical means of phone calls and emails, parents can access grades, assignments, attendance, discipline, progress reports, and report cards through Crusader Connection, the online database.  Check out Parent Central for weekly bulletins, forms and links.