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Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Nichole Beutlich Beutlich, Nichole 1st Grade Teacher Elementary
Janet Brouwer Brouwer, Janet Director of Student Improvement Elementary
Corinne Eagan Eagan, Corinne Combo 2/3 Grade Teacher Elementary
Dori Hoekstra Hoekstra, Dori Elementary Extended Care Elementary
Rod Koelewyn Koelewyn, Rod 4th Grade Teacher Elementary
Paul Lapka Lapka, Paul 5th Grade Teacher and Lead Elementary Teacher Elementary
Emily Lund Lund, Emily Elementary and Junior High Music Teacher Elementary
Eric Miedema Miedema, Eric Physical Education Elementary
Stephanie Minnick Minnick, Stephanie Elementary Classroom Aide Elementary
Jane Petro Petro, Jane Kindergarten Teacher Elementary
Mary Polak Polak, Mary Extended Care Elementary
Jeffery Pratt, Ph.D. Pratt, Ph.D., Jeffery Superintendent/Elementary Principal Elementary 760-489-6430
Carla Romo Romo, Carla Elementary Classroom Aide Elementary
Sandy Roth Roth, Sandy Elementary Secretary Elementary
Tamara Souders Souders, Tamara Extended Care Elementary
Alison Suh Suh, Alison 3rd Grade Teacher Elementary
Jessica Van Der Pol Van Der Pol, Jessica 2nd Grade Teacher Elementary
Shauna Vander Kooi Vander Kooi, Shauna Elementary and Junior High Art Elementary
Kathy Zuidema Zuidema, Kathy Kindergarten Teacher Elementary