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Learning at Calvin Christian

Our educational goal is to open up God's world to our students.  In providing them with a broad educational foundation, students will be able to expand their knowledge and develop their unique talents and abilities to make an impact in their communities.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the academic, social, spiritual, physical, and creative needs of each child.  For a more in-depth look at our curriculum, click here.

Reading instruction begins with a phonetic approach at the lower levels.  Once established as readers, students learn the comprehension skills needed for both academic success and personal enjoyment.  Accelerated Reader, a web-based program that students access in their classrooms, is used to strengthen student comprehension and challenge those students who are fluent readers.

Our math curriculum is focused on understanding the concepts behind mathematical ideas and problem solving.  The curriculum we use is Singapore Math, and through our skilled teachers, our students are well-prepared for the challenges of math in junior high and high school.   In addition, we use a web-based program called Accelerated Math, which allows our teachers to identify and address areas of weakness and challenge those who excel in math.  

Our English program teaches students how to be skilled writers.  By working through all the genres of writing, our students have a good understanding of the writing process, and produce excellent pieces of writing in each grade level.  Our teachers work to establish a “culture of writing” where our students have every opportunity they need to be skilled writers.  Specific lessons on grammar, spelling, and other related skills are correlated to the writing process.  

Social Studies:
Social Studies plays an important role in the daily lives of our students as current events are read about and discussed throughout the week in each class.  At the primary level, students learn about their neighborhoods and communities and practice map skills.  They learn the historical background of important holidays, events, and people. Using educational magazines like Weekly Reader Scholastic News, and National Geographic, teachers introduce students to news and issues throughout the world. In 4th and 5th grade, students move to a more formal curriculum that focuses on California history and a general history of the United States.

In science, students learn about various parts of God's creation as they study plants and animals, space, the human body, weather, and a wide range other topics.

Although we integrate our faith into all subject areas, we also teach Bible as its own subject. The focus of each grade level differs, but the overall goal is to reveal the biblical drama of God’s good creation, corrupted through sin, redeemed in Christ, and one day set right again.  Students learn how they are God’s people, walking with Him.  Through engaging lessons that focus on head, heart, and hands, students learn about their calling in God’s world.

Music appreciation is encouraged through singing and musical games.  Classes meet twice a week to learn about famous composers and music theory or to sing together and learn new songs.  Students participate in two productions: the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert.  Recorders are introduced in 4th grade, and students have the option of learning an instrument and joining the school band in 5th grade.

Art activities are led by the classroom teachers.  Paint, oil pastels, watercolors, and chalk are just a few of the mediums your child might use to make a masterpiece.  Some of those masterpieces make an appearance at our annual Art Show.

Physical Education:
Physical Education classes take place twice a week with a certified P.E. instructor.  The goal is to keep the students active and, by teaching them games and sports, to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Beginning in second grade, students participate in the Presidential Fitness Test.  You can go online to read more about the Presidential Fitness Test.

Standardized Testing

Calvin Christian School administers the Map Growth assessment, a standardized test, to students in grades K-8 each fall and spring. Through this assessment, we gain a better understanding of how students change and grow over time. Download the Map Growth Parent Guide to learn more.