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College & Career

College & Career

The college search is an educational process: a journey of self-discovery full of challenges, rewards, and responsibilities. During your time at Calvin Christian High School, you'll work with your parents and our counselor to decide which college or university is the best match for you. 

Calvin Christian High School intentionally does not call itself a college prep school due to a commitment to serve, regardless of ability, all students from Christian homes. However, over 97% of our graduating students matriculate to college. Typically, over 80% of the graduates enroll directly in a 4-year school, and approximately 60% attend Christian colleges. Graduates are very successful in receiving admittance and scholarships to some of the best schools around the country. For a list of colleges and universities attended by recent Calvin Christian High School graduates, please follow this link.

The college and career counseling office coordinates programs appropriate for all high school students and their parents.  Brian Duyst, College and Career Counselor for CCHS, has over 20 years of counseling experience and is available to answer questions and provide assistance.  He can be reached at 760-432-4697 or via EMAIL