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Calvin Christian Preschool Philosophy

Calvin Christian Preschool was established as a service to Christian families and their children. The preschool complements the values found in a Christian home by enabling the child to spend a part of his or her day in a structured environment that is child size so that the student learns to interact with other children of his or her own age in group activity.

Our purpose is to provide an environment that is safe, secure, nurturing, and Christ-centered where children ages 2 through 5 can develop a Christian sense of worth. Each child has different patterns for growth and his or her learning experiences reflect that individual pattern. The child is surrounded by a Christian atmosphere of respect and loving appreciation for each person and for the wonders of God’s world. The child learns most effectively in a child-centered and child-oriented environment, organized for discovery learning.

He/She is involved in active experimentation, exploration, and independent selection. The scope of learning experiences includes aesthetic, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual knowledge. A successfully developing child confidently acts in his or her environment, organizes his or her experiences, and exhibits flexibility.
This particular philosophy does not concern itself with quick, short-range changes in surface behavior, but rather in healthy positive learning which is the result of slow, quiet, subtle, growth. This is lasting growth.




  • Church attending families 
  • Children ages 2-5 (Non potty trained welcomed)


  • Program available 6:30 a.m.. until 6:00 p.m..
  • Both full and half day (8-11:30 a.m..) schedules available


  • Kindergarten Prep, children must be 4 years old by September 1st, 2018
  • Preschool, children must be 3 years old by September 1st, 2018 and fully potty trained
  • Two & Early Three Year Olds, children must be 2 years old, non-potty trained welcome


  • Developmental program focused on kindergarten readiness
  • Children nurtured in a loving, hands-on environment
  • Daily circle times and learning centers


  • We take advantage of every opportunity to communicate God’s love to children
  •  Integrate Christian principles throughout the day and across the curriculum


  • Learning Centers, Circle Times, Beginning Spanish integrated throughout the day
  • Special Assemblies and Special Guests and Demonstrations

Please see the Preschool "Learning" tab for more information.

Open Door Policy

Calvin Christian Preschool has an open door policy. Visitors are always welcome and no appointments are necessary.

For information call us at (760) 520-8431, email, or stop in for a visit at 1868 North Broadway, Escondido CA 92026.