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The Road Beutlich Traveled

March 12, 2018
By Jonathan Beutlich, Junior High Science

I’ve been asked to write for Calvin this time,
And figured I’d do it with rhythm and rhyme.
I’ve been a teacher for quite a few years;
Shared many a joy and quite a few tears.

Started way back in two thousand and three;
A newby and young at twenty and three.
Frozen and nervous was I in Kalamazoo;
Never did question; this was my calling to do.

Soon I was married, balancing work and a wife;
To Escondido we traveled to start our new life.
Junior high science I was hired to teach,
And English class too with its figures of speech.    

Here I’ve been working for years like a dozen,
Yet still I’m excited and keeping a buzzin’
About hearing the familiar “I’ve got this now!”
From the students that struggle with a furrowed up brow.

Our students are here of all different ages;
Nurtured by Christians at each of the stages.
Here we partake in various sports,
While our brains get work of a different sorts.  

Now is the time to finish this blog,
So I can go out and enjoy a good jog.
Thanks be to school for being so great,
And allowing my words to carry such weight.  


Jonathan Beutlich with his wife and children.