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Creative and Performing Arts at Calvin


Calvin recognizes the place of the arts in the development of the whole child as a Biblical mandate. God is the Creator.  We are His image bearers called to reflect His beauty, grace and love.  Through music, drama and the visual arts, Calvin is committed to fully developing the creative gifts of God's children in order to glorify him through unique avenues of self-expression and praise which affirm and celebrate each child.

We see the Fine Arts as a reflection of the creative beauty of our God. 



Beginning in kindergarten, all students attend music class twice a week.  In addition to learning music theory and information about types of music and famous composers, students learn songs for two major performances.  


Visual art instruction takes place in the classroom and is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students have an opportunity to display their art during the annual Spring Concert. 

Junior High and High School

In addition to a wide variety of arts opportunities in the curriculum, Calvin offers several options in the co-curricular program as well. These programs present another avenue to develop the skills, discipline and character that are consistent with a Biblical world and life view.


Students may select band and/or choir as an elective option each year at Calvin Christian School. Each class is a performance-oriented class. Choir students will perform  and understand the various historic musical styles. Band students will focus on developing specific technical abilities of instrumental instruction. There are four major evening concerts throughout the school year.

Visual Arts

The visual arts are part of the core curriculum at Calvin Christian School. Students will develop their artistic perception, creative expression, and learn about historic and cultural context.