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Superintendent of Calvin Christian School
Terry Kok

Principal, Calvin Christian Junior High and High School
Frank Steidl

Interim Principal, Calvin Christian Elementary School
Paul Lapka

Calvin Christian School Board


Calvin Christian School is a private Christian school, run by a nine-member board. The Calvin Christian School Society annually elects candidates to serve on this board.  The school board meets monthly, and each member serves on a variety of strategic committees within the school.

2017/18 School Board Members
Ruben Bons, President
Doug Brouwer, Vice President 
Brian Verhoeven, Treasurer
Josh Van Ee, Secretary
Paul DenBoer, Vice-All

Members at Large: 
Arlan Memmelaar, Past Parent 
Audrey Brouwer, Past Parent
Jim DenOuden, Grandparent 
Chris Brouwer, Parent

Back row (L to R): Brian Verhoeven, Paul DenBoer, Josh Van Ee, Jim Den Ouden, Arlan Memmelaar
Front row (L to R): Chris Brouwer, Audrey Brouwer, Doug Brouwer, Ruben Bons

Education Committee
Josh Van Ee, Chris Brouwer, Jim Den Ouden, Arlan Memmelaar, Doug Van Solkema, Corinne Eagen, Cynthia Kiesel
Terry Kok, Frank Steidl and Paul Lapka (Administration)

Finance Committee
Brian Verhoeven, Paul DenBoer, Ruben Bons, Audrey Brouwer
Terry Kok (Administration)

Endowment Committee
Paul DenBoer, Brian Verhoeven, Mark Bousema, Jack Brouwer, Keith Krzewski, Vic Varvel, Arnie Veldkamp
Terry Kok (Administration)

Admission / Interview Committee
Arlan Memmelaar, Chris Brouwer, Jim DenOuden, Jane Petro, Bill Stout, Jonathan Beutlich, Anita Termaat (sub)

Executive Committee
Ruben Bons, Doug Brouwer, Brian Verhoeven, Josh Van Ee
Terry Kok (Administration)

Society members are members of a Reformed church as well as other supporters of Calvin Christian School who belong to a supporting Reformed church.