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Calvin Christian Preschool

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Exploration Night, Wednesday, March 28 @ 6:00 p.m.

An Excellent Education

The Arts at Calvin

An Excellent Education

CCS High School

Calvin Christian School's graduates have developed skills that will enable them to be lifelong learners, exploring God's calling for their lives and enhancing a life of Christian service. 

Biblical Truth

We believe that Jesus Christ is the true and eternal God and that biblical truth is essential to understanding God's world. 

Why I Love Calvin

"Small school, big village! Everyone knows your child and that means there are a lot of awesome Christians impacting your child daily."

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Calvin Christian School: Excellent Education 
for a Life of Christ-centered Service
For over 50 years, Calvin has been partnering with Christian families for the education of their children.
Did you know that Calvin educates students from all over North San Diego County?  Located in Escondido, our campus is conveniently located to serve a wide area of the county. 
Did you know that over 70 different churches and denominations are represented at Calvin?  Our families come from Baptist, Catholic, Reformed, and a wide variety of Evangelical churches.  
Calvin Christian School is a member of Christian Schools International (CSI), Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 
If you want an excellent, Christ-centered education and a place where your child is known and loved, Calvin is the place for you!
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Connecting Faith & Learning

The Road Beutlich Traveled

I’ve been asked to write for Calvin this time, And figured I’d do it with rhythm and rhyme. I’ve been a teacher for quite a few years; Shared many a joy and quite a few tears. Started way back in two thousand and three; A newby and young at twenty and three. Frozen and nervous was I in Kalamazoo; Never did question; this was my calling to do. Soon I was married, balancing work and a wife; To Escondido we traveled to start our new life. Junior high science I was hired to teach, And English class too with its figures of speech.     Here I’ve been working for years like a dozen, Yet still I’m excited and keeping a buzzin’ About hearing the familiar “I’ve got this now!” From the students that struggle with a furrowed up brow. Our students are here of all different ages; Nurtured by Christians at each of the stages. Here we partake in various sports, While our brains get work of a different sorts.   Now is the time to finish this blog, So I can go out and enjoy a good jog. Thanks be to school for being so great, And allowing my words to carry such weight.     Jo... continue reading

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