Heart and Hands

CCS is committed to develop students who are prepared not only with their hearts but also with their hands to “do justice, seek mercy, and walk humbly with our God” in their communities.

Biblical Truth

We believe that Jesus Christ is the true and eternal God and that biblical truth is essential to understanding God's world. 

Why We Love Calvin

"Calvin Christian School is special because of the relationships that are built working together for the common goal of raising up our children in the love and admonition of our Lord. "

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Calvin Christian School: Excellent Education 
for a Life of Christ-centered Service
For over 50 years, Calvin has been partnering with Christian families for the education of their children.
Did you know that Calvin educates students from all over North San Diego County?  Located in Escondido, our campus is conveniently located to serve a wide area of the county.
Did you know that over 90 different churches and denominations are represented at Calvin?  Our families come from Baptist, Catholic, Reformed, and a wide variety of Evangelical churches.  
If you want an excellent, Christ-centered education and a place where your child is known and loved, Calvin is the place for you!
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Connecting Faith & Learning

Why I'm a Fan of Christian Education

When you get one chance at something, you better do all you can to get it right.  What I am referring to is raising your children. Let’s face it, we have been given a job only a professional can do and we are amateurs! We have to get it right because there are no re-dos. Education will determine who has the greatest influence on your child in your ‘one crack at doing it right'. Just the amount of hours their school time will dominate is over half their waking hours. What does that mean? It means that their culture, their biases, their friends, their opinion about themselves, their God and their sexuality will be, by shear time dominance, in the hands of the people who surround them at school.  It used to be that school was a safe, conservative and traditional place. We trusted educators and coaches to have our child’s best interest at heart. The public school system is now agenda based and education standards (vis a vis common core) have been lowered. It altered how our kids learn, making standards so subjective that they can easily be twisted, leaving the parent left out because the guidelines are so complicated and convoluted.  Most ... continue reading

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    • 4/27/2016

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    • 4/15/2016

      Event Results

      Check here for the results of the 2016 Calvin Christian Junior High Track & Field Meet

    • 4/26/2016

      CIA 30 Hour Famine

      Sponsor a student for the 30 Hour Famine. 

    • 1/5/2016

      Visit Calvin Christian

      Learn more about Calvin Christian at one of our upcoming Admission events!

    • 3/7/2016

      Comfort Cafe

      Every Monday morning, 7:45-9:00 am, in the conference room.

    • 4/13/2015

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