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A sound philosophy of education begins with a world and life view that understands that every sphere of life is under the authority of Christ and subject to Scripture. 

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We believe that Jesus Christ is the true and eternal God and that biblical truth is essential to understanding God's world. 

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"Words like friendly, efficient and effective come to mind when trying to express my Calvin Christian experience, as a parent."

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Calvin Christian School: Excellent Education 
for a Life of Christ-centered Service
For over 50 years, Calvin has been partnering with Christian families for the education of their children.
Did you know that Calvin educates students from all over North San Diego County?  Located in Escondido, our campus is conveniently located to serve a wide area of the county.
Did you know that over 70 different churches and denominations are represented at Calvin?  Our families come from Baptist, Catholic, Reformed, and a wide variety of Evangelical churches.  
If you want an excellent, Christ-centered education and a place where your child is known and loved, Calvin is the place for you!
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Connecting Faith & Learning

New program adventures!

Last month was an exciting time for students at Calvin Christian Junior High and High School. We introduced two new and very exciting opportunities for our Junior High and High School students. Thanks to a grant from a local foundation, all of our junior high students were able to participate in an off campus retreat at Palomar Christian Conference Center high up on Palomar Mountain. The retreat provided an opportunity for Calvin students to leave busy schedules behind and grow a bit closer to the Lord in small groups and chapels (“Pain with a Porpoise”); connect with fellow classmates while zip-lining or carefully navigating the ropes course; or form new friendships over teriyaki chicken or breakfast burritos. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from parents and students and hope to make this event a regular occurrence for our junior high students. While the junior high students were up on a mountain, students at CCHS were busy participating in Calvin’s first interim session. Students in grades 9-12 signed up for classes that normally would not be offered at Calvin Christian High School (or any other school for that matter). Students learned abo... continue reading

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    • 4/6/2017

      HS Musical "Annie Warbucks"

      Order your tickets today.

    • 4/3/2017

      Tuition Assistance

      Priority deadline to apply for assistance is May 1, 2017.

    • 4/3/2017

      Summer Happenings

      See some of the classes being offered this summer.

    • 1/1/2017

      Comfort Cafe

      Every Monday morning, 7:45-9:00 am, in the conference room.

    • 1/1/2017

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    • 1/1/2017

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