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A sound philosophy of education begins with a world and life view that understands that every sphere of life is under the authority of Christ and subject to Scripture. 

Biblical Truth

We believe that Jesus Christ is the true and eternal God and that biblical truth is essential to understanding God's world. 

CCS Preschool

Our purpose is to provide an environment that is safe, secure, nurturing, and Christ-centered where children can develop a Christian sense of worth.

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Calvin Christian School: Excellent Education 
for a Life of Christ-centered Service
For over 50 years, Calvin has been partnering with Christian families for the education of their children.
Did you know that Calvin educates students from all over North San Diego County?  Located in Escondido, our campus is conveniently located to serve a wide area of the county.
Did you know that over 90 different churches and denominations are represented at Calvin?  Our families come from Baptist, Catholic, Reformed, and a wide variety of Evangelical churches.  
If you want an excellent, Christ-centered education and a place where your child is known and loved, Calvin is the place for you!
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Connecting Faith & Learning

Duck, Cover, Hold On... and other emergency drills

The health and safety of our students and staff are extremely important to us at Calvin Christian School.  Therefore, the school holds periodic emergency drills to help prepare for the unexpected.   The three major drills are fire, lockdown, and earthquake (“Duck, Cover, and Hold On!”).  Prior to the beginning of each school year, staff members review emergency procedures.  The school holds drills early in the school year, and then reinforces those procedures during the remainder of the year.  The preparation for these drills will be different based on the maturity levels and ages of our students.   Children in preschool or kindergarten may never have experienced the earsplitting sound of a fire alarm, so there needs to be appropriate explanation and preparation so understanding overcomes fear.  On the other end of the spectrum, older students have experienced numerous drills over their tenure at the school, so they need to be reminded to take the drills seriously.   Parents can help by reassuring their children that emergency procedures are meant to keep them safe, and following directions at whatever age is imperati... continue reading

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    • 1/1/2017

      Comfort Cafe

      Every Monday morning, 7:45-9:00 am, in the conference room.

    • 2/9/2017

      Local Fine Arts Festival

      CCS students in grades 5-8 will perform between 6:00-9:00 pm. View the schedule here.

    • 11/1/2016

      Visit Calvin

      Learn more about Calvin Christian at one of our upcoming Admission events!

    • 1/20/2017

      Sports Forms

      CCHS athletes must submit physical and CIF forms. 

    • 4/13/2015

      Moved or new contact?

      If you moved or changed your contact information, please share it with us!